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A roadmap for participants to see a clear picture of where they are vs where they desire to be. Participants will be able to identify what is expected for them to be successful in life. Participants will also be able to direct and monitor their learning throughout the lessons by referring to each sections learning objectives.


What do participants believe? Faith is the foundation in which we build on. If participants don’t believe they can be successful, chances are they never will. Dr. V will challenge participants belief systems igniting the transformative learning process to improve their self-image.



Are participants fit? Are participants in a healthy place mentally, physically, emotionally to go after the life they desire to live. Dr. V will challenge participants self-awareness and encourage them to speak up when they aren’t operating at their best to improve successful outcomes through their mental, physical, and emotional health.



What is family? Helping participants understand the Power of Mentoring through multitiered relationships for their success. Dr. V will challenge participants to identify key stakeholders that are invested in improving their successful outcomes. These relationships include School administrators, teachers, staff, and countless others. 



What are finances? Helping participants understand money is a resource, a tool and how to utilize it to improve their lives and the community. Dr. V will challenge participants to see the value of good work ethic to provide an income for self and family.



What does freedom mean to you? Dr. V will help participants learn there is freedom of choices but not freedom of consequences. He will challenge the participants to make decision making process to help them improve successful outcomes.

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